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CONTINEWM® Plus, only by CONTINEWM® Asia.

Dear Valued Customers, along the years we have sadly experienced false claims by non ethically working companies. For this reason we need you to follow the procedure below presenting all the described documentation in full.

In absence of your reply, the warranty will not be activated. Thank you.

CONTINEWM® Plus Nets, also called here "the product", comes with a warranty of 20 years against breakage issued only by CONTINEWM® Asia

How to activate your warranty (mandatory, to let the warranty to be valid):

On the date of your purchase, please send the following documents

to both, AND cc. to

1 - Full name of the Dealer you have bought the product to

and Nation of residence of the Dealer and Yours;

2 - Copy of the invoice paid in full to the product's Dealer. 

3 - Receipt of your full payment, that you've received back from the Dealer. 

4 - Acknowledge by email (called Activation Email) the paragraph below titled in red color : "Claim your warranty service: validity & conditions" to, AND cc. to by sending your clear approval to all points indicated and the photos mentioned below.

On the day the Product has been delivered to you, send us one photo of each individual CONTINEWM® Asia Net (full frame) which you have purchased, in order to proof that 1) the delivery has been made, and to show 2) the good condition of each product, at the time of delivery. Example: if you buy 100 CONTINEWM® Asia Nets, then you have to send 100 photos (1 photo each individual product delivered). 

If you will not send the photos and you will not acknowledge the paragraph below, the warranty will NOT be activated.

The next step, to validate the Warranty, is to read and accomplish the procedure indicated below called "Claim your warranty service: validity and conditions" and include your reply in the above specified activation email to be sent to, AND cc. to 

Claim your warranty service:
validity & conditions 

Definition: “Final User” / Purchaser is defined as the purchasing entity where the product has been installed. The warranty is not valid in case CONTINEWM® Nets is installed or removed from the A/C device by personnel not authorized by the Producer of the product, or the product has been cut in pieces. Or damaged during maintenance or cleaning of the Air Conditioning unit. This Warranty does not apply if the Product is subjected to any unfavourable conditions, specified in the paragraphs below.

Warranty does not cover the Energy Saving performances which may vary according to the additional appliances used in the same room where the AC is installed, and the different amount of people working in the same room, and the external temperature variations. The warranty covers only the breakage of the structure.


Warranty service: validity & conditions 

To activate and make this Warranty valid, the actions described in the following paragraphs are mandatory for the purchaser; those sections has to be acknowledged by the purchaser just after the Product has been delivered.

The conditions in which this warranty certificate is valid, are the following:

#1 - The warranty has been activated by the purchaser/Final User logging in the website following the instructions, sending the requested photos.

#2 - Final User must notify by email, within 7 days from the moment in which a damage has been noted, specifying which cause has produced the damage to the product. 

#3 - Final User must send by email: a) A minimum of 3 sharp .jpg photos of the damage, taken from 3 different angles (front and back), of CONTINEWM® Net BEFORE removing 

product from the Air Conditioning unit. b) A minimum of 3 .jpg sharp photos of the CONTINEWM® Net AFTER it has been removed from the AC unit: total 6 photos.

The  mentioned photos must show 1) the full frame of  the Net (i.e. the Net in its entire shape) , and  2) Detailed close-ups  of the reported damage. As soon as the above specified photos has been received by the producer, 30 days will be required to process any enquiry.


Warranty approval!

If the warranty conditions fully apply:  

Every broken CONTINEWM® Net has to be returned to the seller for damage analisys. As soon as the damaged Net is received back by the seller: within 30 days from the acknowledgment of the reported issue from the Producer, the damaged Net will be repaired for free and sent back to you from the company that has sold it to you (i.e. the distributor present in your country) with the instructions on how to install it back on the AC unit.


EVERY CONTINEWM® Net  IS INDIVIDUALLY GUARANTEED: If the warranty apply, the purchaser must send one notification each CONTINEWM® Net broken, by defined causes. Example: if the Final Client report the damage of 2 CONTINEWM® Nets, 2 warranty claims has to be reported, presenting the photos of each Net damaged,

as specified in the above paragraph as #1 #2, #3 = one claim must be done each individual CONTINEWM® Nets.


Warranty exclusions

The present warranty does not apply also in the following cases: the documentation shown by the purchaser and sent by email shown on the website is incomplete and not include a copy of the issued invoice; the receipt issued by the Seller; the requested photos) AND :  a) CONTINEWM® Nets are removed from the device where they are installed by personnel non-authorized by the official Dealer;  b) The product has been damaged during maintenance operations performed by Final User Workforce; c)  The product has been subjected to ultra violet irradiation produced by any technology  (any kind of UV / neon tubes, LED, arc lamps, and more); d) the purchaser is not specifying, in the claim, which cause has produced a damage in the product. If no cause is indicated buy the final user, then the present warranty is not valid;  e) In case all the instructions described in these chapters has not been followed. 

*Caution: The product has to be simply cleaned with pure water, avoiding aggressive solutions or corrosive chemicals.

If not used, the product must be stored flat in its original box for the best conservation.

Thank you!

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