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CONTINEWM® is the hassle free solution to save on energy

consumption by up to 25% on HVAC systems (AC & heat pumps).

Made in Japan. Distributed in exclusivity by CONTINEWM® Asia Network.

The product

CONTINEWM® “Nets”, or "Sheets",  is a patented air-treatment system which improves

the performances of any HVAC system

with the result that the machines take much

less energy to run.

The product is made by an hexagonal shaped mesh, which contain the active patent embedded into a flexible frame.

CONTINEWM® energy saver presents a fast ROI, and it works on any kind of HVAC, for AC, cooling units, chilling towers, heating systems. It can be implemented in all kind of existing machines allowing ~25% of cost saving on HVAC.

If you replace your system with new units, simply transfer the product on the new machines, because CONTINEWM® Plus is a one-time-purchase solution.

How to use it

CONTINEWM® Sheets installation (photo on the right) takes few minutes  by unit.

It can be cut on-size to be adapted to the section of any duct that you are already utilizing. Maintenance is basically not required because the product does not have moving parts, or electronic within, and then it doesn’t need adjustments or reparations.

It is an hassle-free solution, and it quietly makes its job.

How does it work, in brief 

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CONTINEWM® Nets eliminate the electrostatic friction between the air and the

HVAC heat exchanger with the result of reducing the electrical load on pumps and

compressors by reaching the set temperature much faster.


Natural Ionization + Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are the processes at the base of its action:

It saves tons of CO2 emissions from HVAC consumption, by requiring much less electrical power for their functioning.

FIR are able to break down clusters of water molecules present in the air so that a

larger surface area is in contact with the fins of the AC unit. This allows the machine

to reach the desired temperature faster and reduces the load on the compressor so

that it is able to work more efficiently consuming less energy.

The easiest installation
you can dream of.

CONTINEWM® Nets is easy to install and works on any type of HVAC unit.

There is no additional operating or maintenance cost, and the active patented compound comes with an impressive 20 years warranty on breakage, offering a very fast ROI, between 1 to 3 years, in comparison to solar panels (ROI 5 to 7 years) used to save electricity costs by producing electricity

Please watch the related video in the F.A.Q. section of this website.

The product has been created, developed and it is entirely produced in Japan where it represents an example of sustainability applied to clean air production with cost-savings as a target, and with fully ethical treatment for our manufacturing workforce.


CONTINEWM® Nets offers advantages not only on the economic aspect, but also on the improvement of indoor air quality, by adding to any existing air treatment the features of an efficient and sustainable natural air ionizer.

CONTINEWM® Nets, basic features.

Detail of the
hexagonal structure.

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