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CONTINEWM® Nets is a combination

of air treatment technologies: an all-in-one solution. 

The Product is made by patented compounds and manufacturing processes.
It works on the electro static charges into the HVAC structure for a perfectly smooth air flow
and a fully 
optimized heat exchange

The second patent which allows CONTINEWM® technology to save energy in any air conditioning system is by eliminating the electrostatic disturbance produced by the airflow on the fins of the heat exchanger. This turbulence occurs normally in any air conditioner and air treatment system.

The interior of the air conditioner, and its plastic panel (insulator), are constantly generating positive static electricity 

due to friction with the airflow produced by the fan rotation. In this condition, the air conditioner and the air itself, become electrostatically charged with the same positive polarity. 

This phenomena generates a repulsive force between the airflow and the fins of the heat exchanger (shown in red in the scheme below) because both are charged with the same positive polarity. In this situation, there is a reduction in the contact area between the air and the fins of the heat exchanger of the air conditioner. 

The consequence of this electrostatic air turbulence is a loss in efficiency and a consequent waste of electrical energy by the air conditioner. 

CONTINEWM® Nets, which is constantly negatively charged, neutralizes the positive charges in the airflow due to the electrostatic friction, consequently neutralizing the repulsive force between the two means (fins of the heat exchanger & air). 

By optimizing the contact area between the air and the fins of the heat exchanger, the result is an increased efficiency of the AC; the stop-cycles of the compressor will be longer in time and more regular, with a consequent energy saving effect.


The FIR factor

Recycled polyethylene frame containing the patents.

Compound emitting specific infrared rays (FIR)

Electro magnetic spectrum and principle of resonance absorption of specific infrared rays

Normal vibration of H2O in the air without specific infrared rays irradiation: they are grouped in big clusters, by the hydrogen-bond link.

Absorption of specific infrared rays by water molecules generating large vibration (resonance) of the water molecules.

Large vibrations  by resonance of H2O in the air occur when FIR are irradiated. Hydrogen-bond is cut due to high vibration of each water molecules. 

Big clusters of water molecules in the air are now “atomized” into individual water molecules and stick on the heat exchangers with a much higher contact area.

  • The specific action made by CONTINEWM® Nets patents is able to break down clusters of moisture into individual molecules.

  • The greater contact area between the H2O in the air and the fins of the heat exchanger in the AC unit, produce the fastest achievable heat exchange.

  • And by improving the heat exchange ratio, the set temperature on the AC is reached faster and maintained for a

       longer time. 

  • Moreover, the compressor functions more efficiently, as there is less load on it, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption and a prolonged life span of the machines. 

  • In addition to conserving energy, the specific infrared rays emitted by CONTINEWM® Nets Technology is able to purify the air and remove bad odors.

These artistic impressions (left) shows a macro photography of CONTINEWM® Nets and represents how the ceramic particles embedded into the net’s structure irradiates infrared rays (emission shown in red) which decomposes the clusters of water molecules present in the air.

One more Plusincreased temperature homogeneity.

Improve the well-being of your workers and customers visiting your store,

students in classrooms, patients in hospitals.

With CONTINEWM® NETS the temperature is evenly distributed

into the whole air volume into the room.

The infrared emission produced by CONTINEWM® PLUS Nets brakes down micro aggregation of water molecules (humidity) into much finer clusters and individual water molecules. This effect allows a more evenly distributed temperature across the room and highly improved homogeneity, while reducing the overall energy consumption.


Temperature homogeneity is a basic condition for the productivity and well being of team members working in huge rooms:

people working close to a window might feel very hot while others working in the proximity of the AC might almost "freeze".


With CONTINEWM® Nets is achieved a high temperature homogeneity with temperature evenly distributed in the room for a better comfort of the occupants, guests, clients, workers.


Temperature variance reduction by 57% with lowered room temperatures (by 1 to 3ºC).


CONTINEWM® Nets evens-out the air temperature throughout your office space: normally someone sitting close

to the air-conditioner shivers with the cold air being blown directly at them, whilst those on the other side of the room are sweltering in substantially higher temperatures.

The average difference over a distance of 10 metres is about 5-degrees Celsius.

With CONTINEWM® Plus Nets, this figure is reduced to just 1 degree!

No more arguing over temperatures or who has control of the remote!  And there’s more…

Thanks to the infrared treatment of the airflow by CONTINEWM® Nets amazing hi-tech filter, your office environment becomes a more advantageous place to work.


A reduction of bacteria, viruses, allergens, toxic particulate matter and organic smells,

plus the more homogeneously distributed temperature of cooled air, can mean only one thing: happier, healthier, more energetic and productive employees at work, where the ‘treated’ air now feels ‘sparklingly’ clean and more oxygenated.

CONTINEWM® Nets emits negative ions that deeply purify the air, adding to your Air Conditioner the feature of an efficient ionizer. The odorless, purified air made by the active principle embedded in the Net allows you to gain loyal committed staff and reduce the number of sick days and turnover.

Installing CONTINEWM® Nets in your office air-conditioners will definitely save you money,

and not only on electricity costs!

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