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Popular F.A.Q.
(Frequently Asked Questions)
How long is the ROI (Return On Investment)
of CONTINEWM® Plus Nets? Please click on the above video link.

What is the Plus of CONTINEWM® Plus Nets?


CONTINEWM® Plus is the only product distributed by authorized dealers of CONTINEWM® Asia. We have been experiencing several attempts to copy the design of the product, and also this website contentsshowing ineffective plastic products that looks similar but does not provide any energy saving effect.


The "Plus" offered only by the original product are the following:

Professional Edition, 5th generation + 20 Year warranty on breakage +  CONTINEWM® Asia prompt tech support +

Training courses + registered Dealer who must belong to the official team called CONTINEWM® Asia group.

If random sellers offers you "Energy saving nets" without those 6 Plus features, it means they are trying to sell you a copy.

Please be aware of that.

How do CONTINEWM® save on energy consumption?

CONTINEWM® is an air treatment for air conditioning and heating which optimize the heat exchange into the machine, with the result that it takes much less energy to run.  It produce a greater contact area between the H2O (moisture) present in the air and the fins of the heat exchanger in the air unit, as well as a more homogeneous distribution of disaggregated H2O molecules in the whole indoor air volume. By improving the heat exchange ratio, the set temperature on the unit's remote control, is reached faster and maintained more evenly. Moreover, the compressor functions more efficiently and with much less load on it, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption and a longer lifespan of the machine.

How much is the average cost savings on the electricity bill?

You can expect to reduce your electricity bill by up to 25%. The results will vary depending on the condition of your air conditioning system, if your AC unit is the right capacity relative to the room size, whether the occupants of the rooms are using the air conditioning properly eg not leaving windows and doors open, etc.


Can CONTINEWM® be used for any type of air conditioning system?

Yes, CONTINEWM® Nets can be installed in any type of air conditioning system. Whether you have a wall mounted split unit system, 4-way cassette system, Fan Coil Unit (FCU) in ceiling, Air Handling Unit (AHU) etc.


Is there any modification or additional equipment needed for the nets to be installed?

No modification or additional equipment are required for the AC unit (or even for the main electricity to be switched off during the installation). Simply mount CONTINEWM® Plus Nets above the filter at the air return of the AC unit and it is ready for use.


What type of maintenance is required for the nets?

There is no special maintenance program required. No water or electricity supply required. During your regular cleaning of the filters of your AC unit, simply wipe the CONTINEWM® Plus Nets with a damp cloth if you wish.


How do CONTINEWM® purify the air and eliminate odors?

Specific Infrared Rays found in CONTINEWM® Plus Nets are able to decompose the sources of odors like sweat, protein and lipids. It provides an antibiotic functions creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria and viruses adding to any existing air conditioner the function of an efficient natural Ionizer. You will not need to buy a specific additional appliance as a separate air ionizer (because it will also increase your electricity cost) since your AC will get this additional feature by the air flow being treated with negative Ions by CONTINEWM® Plus Nets.

What CONTINEWM® word means?

Professor Ryuji Sakai branded this solution “CONTINEWM” from the ancient Latin word  "CONTINUUM" (which means: "permanent" or "continuous", in relation to the air treatment permanent effect) and "NEW" for its highly innovative content. And it has finally been patented under the name of "CONTINEWM®  filter technology".

What is the warranty on CONTINEWM®Plus Nets?

CONTINEWM® Plus Nets comes with an impressive has 20 years warranty for indoor use provided by the dealer.


Please get in touch, by clicking on this link, with any of our Dealers close to your area.

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