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A word from Ryuji Sakai San, the Producer.

CONTINEWM® is globally recognized as a product called static electricity 

removal sheet with multiple patents.

In makes no sense continuing to waste electricity in air treatment systems

due to the static electricity turbulence.

CONTINEWM® technology is utilized in order to to eliminate this waste

immediately and, as consequence, to stop the loss of the Earth's resources.

Instead of using time-consuming and expensive measures such as global warming prevention and SDGs, CONTINEWM® allows anyone on the planet

to immediately contribute to the "improvement of the global environment”

at any time.

This is the mission of our team.

The Vision behind CONTINEWM®

Our vision is to contribute to protecting our planet from destructive environmental influences. CONTINEWM® Nets is one of the solutions that can help reduce energy consumption so that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is decreased. In addition, its air purification ability provides a fresher and healthier environment for people to breathe in.

CONTINEWM® Nets is a minimalist yet highly effective product, with embedded hi-tech based on unique natural conglomerates properties.

We bring the usefulness of natural resources into daily human life and apply

traditional methodology with new technology to promote a greener world.”


Ryuji Sakai, CONTINEWM® Nets Producer.

Continewm Co.,Ltd.

President, Japan

Finally Available Worldwide, distributed in exclusive by CONTINEWM® Asia Network.

CONTINEWM® Nets, were developed in Japan almost two decades ago,

and are available worldwide with a strong and reliable reputation.


Please click here to get in touch with our Exclusive Dealers.

Be aware of design imitations.

It easy to recognize the real product from an imitation.


Just verify that, CONTINEWM® team is offering you, at the same time and with no additional cost, the following "Plus":


a) Professional Edition 2023;  b) 20 Years Warranty on Breakage; c)  Training;  d) Prompt Worldwide Tech Support. 

That's it.

CONTINEWM® by Professor Ryuji Sakai,  is inspired by the unspoiled Nature of our unique Planet. We strive to keep it green and clean, to be presented to our future generations, while slowly recovering from the damages it has been suffering since the dawn of the Industrial Age. Photos, above and below, by Claudio Cerquetti (please do not copy).

CONTINEWM® features, in brief.

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