The Vision behind CONTINEWM® Nets
Air pollution has been a growing problem for many countries all around the world.  As a result of industrialization, growing economies, population growth etc, Mother Earth has been subjected to increasing amounts of pollutants in the environment.


Sunlight no longer reaches the Earth’s surface like it used to due to atmospheric pollution. This condition in the atmosphere has created a filter which allows Ultra Violet (UV) Rays to pass through to the Earth’s surface, but not Specific Infrared Rays, which are on the other end of the light spectrum. We believe a number of health and environmental issues are caused by the imbalance of the absorption of Specific Infrared Rays and Ultra Violet Rays.


Our vision is to contribute to protecting our planet from destructive environmental influences. CONTINEWM® Nets is one of the solutions that can help reduce energy consumption so that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is decreased. In addition, its air purification ability provides a fresher and healthier environment for people to breathe in.

A word from Ryuji Sakai San, the Producer.

“The Japanese have used soil and ceramics as a source of life with common

and customary traditions since ancient times.  We knew that the soil and

ceramics make use of its abilities by its natural properties, because we kept

the water or sake in a ceramic jar, cooked a delicious meal by earthen pot

and stored the rice or important family heirloom in a mud-walled warehouse.

Now, we have the wisdom of our ancestors to take advantage of the field of

energy saving. This is the reason we are paying special attention to Japanese

raw materials and manufacturing.

CONTINEWM® Nets is a simple product, therefore everyone can use it as an

energy saving method everywhere in the world. 


We bring the usefulness of natural resources into daily human life and apply

traditional methodology with new technology to promote a greener world.”


Ryuji Sakai, CONTINEWM® Nets Inventor

Continewm Co.,Ltd.

President, Japan

Finally Available in Thailand, imported in exclusive by BAYSIDE GROUP/Continewm.Asia  

CONTINEWM® Nets, which were developed in Japan more than 10 years ago, have been sold successfully nationwide with a strong and reliable reputation.


These Nets are now available in Thailand through the exclusive importer, BAYSIDE GROUP, a company that provides a wide range of professional services, smart and energy saving solutions for the real estate and hospitality industries.

The Group has been operating in Thailand for the last 20 years.


Bayside Group has partnered with Exclusive Dealers.