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CONTINEWM® Plus Nets, also called here "the product", comes with a warranty of 20 years against breakage issued only by CONTINEWM® Asia

How to activate your warranty:

On the date of your purchase, please send the following documents

on, cc. to

1 - Full name of the Dealer you have bought the product to

and Nation of residence;

2 - Copy of the invoice paid in full to the product's Dealer. 

3 - Receipt of your full payment, that you've received back from the Dealer. 

4 - Acknowledge by email the paragraph below called: "Claim your warranty service: validity & conditions". 

Important: On the day the Product has been delivered to you, send us one photo of each individual CONTINEWM® Asia Net (full frame) which you have purchased, in order to proof that the delivery has been made, and to show to us the good condition of each product at the time of delivery.

Claim your warranty service:
validity & conditions 

Conditions in which this warranty certificate is valid, are only the following:

1 - Notify us by email, within 7 days from the moment in which the damage is noted, that the CONTINEWM® Asia Net is broken for causes different from: mechanical, chemical action, ultra violet irradiation emitted by any technology (any kind of UV neon tubes, LED, arc lamps, and more), and specifying which cause has produced the damage to the product.

2 - Send to, cc. to, 3 photos, taken from 3 different angles, of CONTINEWM® Asia Net BEFORE removing the product from the air conditioning unit.

3 - Send to a minimum of 3 photos of the CONTINEWM® Asia Net AFTER it has been removed from the AC unit. The 3 photos has to show a) the full frame of the Net, and b) detailed close-ups of the reported damage.

4 - As soon as the above specified photos has been sent, please wait for our acknowledgement of having received them in a readable format (.jpg or .tiff). 7 days will be required for the acknowledgment of the reported issue, if the photos are readable.

5 - In case the warranty conditions will fully apply: within 30 days from our acknowledgment of the reported issue, a brand new CONTINEWM® Asia Net, free of charge, will be sent to the Client with the instructions on how to install it on the AC unit.

6 - Important: every product is individually guaranteed. Then, if you claim the damage of more then 1 CONTINEWM® Asia Net, please send us one notification each CONTINEWM® Asia Net; and repeat the photographic procedure for each CONTINEWM® Asia Net in your stock. Example: if you report the damage of 2 or more CONTINEWM® Asia Nets you must send 2 claims, repeating the procedure indicated in this page for 2 or more times.

7 - The present warranty does not apply if the documentation produced by the purchaser does not include a copy of the issued invoice, the proof of purchase (receipt issued by the seller) and in the following cases:


a)  CONTINEWM® Asia Nets are removed from the device where they are installed, by a personnel non-authorized by our official dealer;  

b) The product has been broken during maintenance operations performed by purchaser's staff;

c)  The product has been subjected to mechanical stress, chemical action*, ultra violet irradiation produced by any technology (any kind of UV neon tubes, LED, arc lamps, and more);

d) The purchaser is not specifying, in the claim, which cause has produced a damage in the product;

e) In case all the instructions described in these chapters (Point 1 to 7) has not been followed.

f)  CONTINEWM® Asia Nets has not being purchased by an authorized reseller belonging to CONTINEWM® Asia official dealers.

Dear customers, along the years we have sadly experienced false claims by non ethical working companies.

For this reason we need you to upload the above described documentation. Thank you.

*Caution: The product has to be simply cleaned with pure water, avoiding aggressive solutions or corrosive chemicals.

Thank you!

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